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Roofing works - upper site

Dear Parents / carers

Welcome back!  We hope everyone has enjoyed a happy and healthy half term holiday.

Some of you will already have noticed some additions to the front of the upper site!  We are having some major roofing works completed over the next 7 or 8 weeks.  We are very lucky to have secured a substantial bid to make us water-tight. 

We have worked hard at arranging things so that any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and we have worked closely with the contractors and with Northumberland County Council to make sure that, as ever, health and safety is our utmost priority.

Please take extra care when accessing and leaving school as you will be walking past the contractor’s compound – there will be no contractors traffic at these times.  Please keep children under close supervision and ensure they stay completely away from the compound.  Some scaffolding is in place and this is securely fenced off.

Pupils will be receiving a brief in assembly on how to keep themselves safe too.

We have completed a full risk assessment and are happy to share that if you would like to view the document in the office at the upper site.